Company Profile

  • Company Profile

    OME's main objective is to continue growing through investments in its fleet which is managed by its experienced marine staff.

    OME has initiated a program for its fleet renewal which will keep helping the organization to grow within the Egyptian market whilst raising the level of quality of the provided services. To strengthen and maintain our position with are existing clients, and increase marketing efforts to expand its client base.


    OME was established to meet the ever growing demand of the Egyptian oil and gas exploration and production industry. Through commitment and hard work of our staff; we thrive to be one of the leading offshore marine companies within the Egyptian market, serving our clients with utmost levels of safety and quality.

    Another main task with OME is to aid and assist for reservation and protection of the marine environment all along the coasts of the Egyptian territorial and international waters; several rescue and salvage operations through the past three decays were successfully carried out in this respect.