Clients Introduction

Our customers are from the energy sector of Oil &Gas companies or join venture Oil &Gas companies such as:

                       I.                    Petrobel

                       II.                  Gupco

                       III.                PMS

                        IV.                 EGCS

                        V.                   SUCO

            VI.                 Abu Qir Petroleum Company

           -The contracts are usually medium term contracts and are paid in both US Dollars and Egyptian pound (60% USD- 40% EGP)

           - A quality department has been formed for this purpose which deals exclusively with quality activities, always looking for improvement


  • Petrobel

    In 1978 Belayim Petroleum Company PETROBEL has been established in accordance with the investment law No. 16 of 1978. PETROBEL is one of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation companies jointly owned by ENI.

    PETROBEL main activities are exploration, and development of oil & gas fields and the production of oil, gas and condensates. BETROBEL produces 210.000 barrel/day of oil and condensates, 1150 million cubic feet/day of Gases, 650 ton/day of LPG.


    GUPCO (The Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company) is a joint venture owned in equal shares by BP and EGPC (The Egyptian General Petroleum Company).

    GUPCO is responsible for Oil and Gas production in the Gulf of Suez, the Western Desert and the Nile Delta.

    The Gas operation map of GUPCO includes Hapi field and “Akhen field” which is located 50 km from the Mediterranean shore and 5 km from the rig Hapi. The production capacity of the 2 wells of “Akhen field” (WA-1 and WA-2) is 80 million cubic feet of gas daily and 5200 barrels of condensates. GUPCO owns “Idfu field” in the Gulf of Suez with a production capacity of 20 to 25 thousand barrels of oil daily with an expected reserves of 30 million barrels of oil. Saqqara was a very important discovery for GUPCO in 2003.

  • EGCS
    ECGS was incorporated in November 2006, as a private free zone company. We are a subsidiary company from the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company “EGAS”.
  • PMS

     PMS is the premier Egyptian offshore construction and marine services company, one of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation (EGPC) companies that have been established in 2001 as a separate entity with almost 36 years back experience as a continuation of its previous existing, PMS is a single entity under the Free Zone Regulations. PMS is one of the major Construction & Marine Services Contractor in Egypt and Middle East. We Owns a fleet of 20 offshore Vessels such as Barges, Tugs, DP-1, and DP-2 fully equipped with all facilities that enables us to do Offshore construction work. PMS is head-quartered in Cairo with branches in Alex and Saudi Arabia with an ambitious plans to expand in Africa, Asia, and Mediterranean Sea countries. PMS has a Team of qualified Engineers specialized if design and Engineering work and solution using the most up to date Engineering programs and software.

  • Abu Qir Petroleum Company

    Mediterranean Sea, located in the shallow waters of Abu Qir Bay in the West Nile Delta of Egypt.